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November 13, 2008

Valhöll in a bath

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Valhöll is having a bath after the nights happening but someone painted it partially red. There are workers trying to get the red color off with high pressure water wash but there are men from the company Allt Af high pressure wash that are working this project. About 4 am last night the police received an announcement from the company Securitas that the house has taken some change during the night, but the doers were not to be found and no one was as a suspect from what the police says. The washers say that this is red ship paint and difficult to handle but they think they will be working this until afternoon.

According to the information the Independence party gave out the security around Valhöll has been increased.

(Translators note – Valhöll is home to the offices of the Independence party)

News Artice by Þóra Kristín Ásgeirsdóttir
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