Icelandic news translated into English

Facts about Iceland

The Icelandic Flag

Population : 307.672 (1.jan 2007)
Size : 103.300 sq. km
Glaciers : 11.000 sq. km
Acres, vegetable and fruit fields : 1.290 sq. km
Woodlands : 1.511 sq. km
Highest Peak : Hvanndalshnjúkur 2.110 m
Percentage of nation living in capital : 62.4%
Independence day : July 17th (1944)
Regime : Republic
Parliament : Congress (63 representatives)
Prime Minister : Geir H. Haarde (Independence party)
Currency : ISK

ESB : No
EES : Since January 1st, 1995
NATO : Since April 4th, 1949



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