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November 4, 2008

Uncertainty with continuance in Russian

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University of Iceland photo by Þorkell
Uncertainty is about the continuance of Russian study at the Icelandic University but between 20-30 persons are active in the studies at this point. The investment company Samson decided last year to sponsor the study, but as is known the company is in moratorium.

Óskar Einarsson, operational manager of the social sciences, says there are no clear answers about the matter. “We will continue to teach Russian this school year. We´re not throwing students out in the middle of the school year. But it if will be continued next winter is still not certain,” he says.

Also it has still to be clear what sort of grants will be available for the University. Óskar says it is unlikely that official grants will be available to keep the studies up.

Before the Samson grant came to, the Russian studies had been inactive for several years because of lack of funds. Samson supported one and a half teachers position in Russian but the studies are tought as a major subject.

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