Icelandic news translated into English

” I “

This blog is simply a collection of news stories translated from Icelandic into English.

I am Icelandic. Born and raised. Lived here most my life.
I have recently lost my job, am about to lose the place i live in, did not get paid for the last month at my job, and worried about how things will turn out.

I have a positive attitude towards everything here, I am watching family and friends hit some serious problems, losing their companies, their houses, cars, savings… you can probably imagine.

I got this idea from a friend of a friend, so it is clear, a person i do not know but got me started on this. I have always loved introducing people from other countries to my culture and events.

I am staying in Iceland. I have a family, and many friends that will stay here in Iceland during this depression/recession, and my plan is to stay here and be a part of the build up of the new(old) Iceland.

These translations are my only income, so i have a donations link at the bottom of every news article if someone wants to donate. If someone wants to donate pounds or dollars, i have donations links for different currencies in “Donations”.

I need to thank all of you who have been so generous to donate to support my work. Since we have two depressions, economic and currency depression, every single dollar, euro .. pound, matters a whole lot to me. I have been lost for words after reading all these kind e-mails from you people out there reading.

Viking greetings with fighter spirit from Iceland !

Please donate!


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  1. hey viking

    these days i’ve intensely preoccupied myself reading and informing myself about the sad icelandic issue. i’m from switzerland and study economics.. but honestly this is a too big fish for me to solve. i know that i can call myself lucky to term it a leisure-time ‘preoccupation’.. for you (singular and plural) it’s definitely something else… happy if only it were a preoccupation. last summer i was in iceland.. still expensive like here and the newly-to-be-emerged tall construction site buildings were still crowded during the week. high-skilled, resilient and disciplined people are key to a recovery of iceland. i’m confindent you will surmount not only natural but also this monetary and economic blizzard/storm. i will spread the newsfrettir homepage through facebook! be proud of yourself – you deserve it!

    alpine greetings from switzland, fabian

    Comment by Fabian Jost — November 20, 2008 @ 7:10 pm

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