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November 11, 2008

Stoltenberg spoke about Iceland with Brown

Gordon Brown and Jens Stoltenberg outside Downing street 10 today.
Jens Stoltenberg, prime minister of Norway, spoke about the concerns of Iceland with Gordon Brown, prime minister of England, at their meeting in Downing street London tonight. Stoltenberg said that it could have very serious results for Iceland if the action plan of the IMF is not approved by the board soon.

“I said to him, that i hope it will be a possibility to come to an agreement and find a solution,” the Norwegian newsroom NTB quotes Stoltenberg.

He says there is no secret that there is going to be a rescue plan released because of Iceland but it is assumed that the IMF will loan Iceland 2.1 billion dollars, and other nations 4 billion dollars.

“If this will not go through the situation will be very serious. The plan should have been approved already,” says Stoltenberg.

It has been stated that English and the Netherlands and possibly Germans want that the IMF does not process the Icelandic case until other issues have been resolved about possible responsibility of the Icelandic government towards the bank account balances in the Icelandic banks overseas.

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