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November 11, 2008

Difficult to find foreign magazines

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Foreign magazines and newspapers have been hard to get in stores lately. The reason for that is the currency shortage, and therefor hard to redeem them.

Jana Sturlaugsdóttir at the Penninn-Eymundsson says that foreign papers and magazines have not been in their place in the shelves lately. “It is hard to get currency, so it is hard to pay our foreign suppliers. Most of them have showed us understanding in this situation but they have their different levels of being strict so we have not in all cases been able to redeem papers. This is the same with everyone, those who don´t run a business around food, medicine or oil are not in priority.” She says that there are fewer suppliers strict on their rules than not. “Most of them understand that this is a temporary situation.” When asked she says that she´s mostly missing Der Spiegel and Hello. “But it is starting to open up in the currency situation and when that opens up more this will be back to normal.”

Hannes Sigurbjörn Jónsson, manager of Office 1, says that there have been problems in handling the foreign papers. “The magazines and papers from America have arrived like usually but we have had a few stops for three, four weeks with European magazines that we get from Britain. We have solved this issue for now, so we will have foreign papers this week.”

Margrét Grétadóttir, store manager of Griffill, says that there has been very little shortage of foreign papers in their stores. “There have been issues with Bo Bedre which is expected this week, and Hello has not arrived, so we have experienced this, but not seriously.”

(News Article by Njála Guðmundsdóttir)
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