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November 10, 2008

Product shortage causing problems to plumbers

Jón Þórðarsson
Product shortage has started to cause problems to industry workers, the product shortage is difficult and starting to delay delivery dues on projects. Jón Þóðarson plumbing master says that industry workers still have enough projects but it has been obvious that product shortage has been for two weeks and is starting to cause problems. Last week was very difficult. Plumbers have to run around the city to try to gather some materials to finish projects.

“This is worsening because the suppliers are not getting currency to import materials and get out of the customs so they are not getting any products. I find this very difficult. It takes four hours a day to gather the materials for two days of work and it´s hard to charge for this time that we spend finding the materials, because people are not very happy about the extra hours.”

Jón points out that plumbers usually get all materials in one place, materials are different in thickness and does not fit together from various places. “This situation is pushing us to other countries. We are checking if we can work in Denmark or Norway because its the material shortage that is stopping us now, not the project shortage.”

He says he is checking if there is an option that all the employees go to Denmark or Norway to work for five or six weeks and come home for vacation and stay with their families for one or two weeks. That way they could make money to pay their debts here. He thinks this will be clear next week.

Björn Bjarnason, chairman of the master union of industry workers, says the shortage of products that are ordered from overseas is because suppliers cannot get them out of customs. “The selection is very limited,” says Björn. “This is starting to affect the delivery time of projects. We can not for instance get fencing materials from abroad.”
Hjalti Ólafsson, manager of Vatnsvirkinn, says most of the material shortage is in hardware stores and plumbing products but least at the Vatnsvirkinn.

“The product shortage is having an affect right now and will increase when the currency markets are not open. When the currency will be put out there again the uncertainty will be too much to order in products, so nothing will be done until the currency markets have got some balance. Many weeks are until the next deliveries will arrive. The uncertainty is pushing us to just order in the essentials,” says Hjalti and points out that the situation is serious when materials are mixed because of shortage. It affects the manufacturers warranty.

(News Article by Anton Brink)
Original Article in Icelandic

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