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November 5, 2008

The giant halo of Jón Ásgeir

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Þorgerður Katrín Gunnarsdóttir Minister of Culture and Education says it is inevitable to insure the status of the Government media if there will be increased oligopoly in the media market. The situation is at hand that there might be only one person in charge of all media in Iceland, except the Government media.

A bank owned by the government, Landsbankinn, seems to have initiative in the matter but his administrators have to step forward and explain their side and explain to the nation what interests are behind this. It is essential to destroy all suspicion. Companies are to sit at the same table with the banks and the public shall not be ignored. She says it is inevitable that the Government media will pack their sails somewhat like other companies and it´s status on the advertisement market will be reviewed with competitive status in mind compared to other media. It is very risky to hand one man the whole advertisement market on a silver plate.

The congress were harsh in their words towards the media company Rauðsól which was called giant halo and monopoly fortress. Guðni Ágústsson chairman of the progressive party wanted to revoke the merging of the companies but challenged Björgvin G. Sigurðsson to react. It did come up in the discussions that the alignment party was happy, they carry a red sun in their chest.

(Translators note : Jón Ásgeir was formerly involved with Baugur group. Rauðsól translates to : Redsun.)

(News Article by Þóra Kristín Ásgeirsdóttir)
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