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November 2, 2008

Situation never been more serious since the “Móðuharðindi”

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Gylfi Arnbjörnsson
“It is very important to prevent that the people loose their houses. The direction is that people will have assistance to stay in their houses in stead of being pushed out of them like they have done in America”, says Gylfi Arnbjörnsson, recently elected president of ASÍ.

Gylfi says it is inevitable to join the European Union and go with the Euro, despite that will not happen any time soon. “We the Icelanders havent seen things this serious since the “Móðuharðindi (3)” hit us, if we are to find anything in our history to compare to. This is a horrific situation. But there are indeed some options.”

Gylfi says that he wants to act now on the problems that people are facing with making their payments, but not wait until the problem grows, as that has been the procedure.

(3) Móðuharðindi – Were the natural disasters that hit Iceland in the Skaftár-fires 1783-1785. Mist or poison fumes laid on the ground, grass scorched and farm animals died. Móðuharðindi started with a volcanic eruption June 8th, 1783 in Lakagigar. The weather changed while the eruption was active, the eruption was so powerful that the sulfur oxide reached the stratosphere and lowered temperatures.
Note – this explanation of the word Móðuharðindi is an addition by the translator to explain to readers what is being spoken of.

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Original Article in Icelandic

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