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October 31, 2008

“Horrific situation”

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By Skapti Hallgrímsson

Around 100 people in Akureyri have received their notice to quit, or will receive it today, all of which in construction industry, carpenters, painters and plumbers.

“This situation is horrific,” said Heimir Kristinsson, president of the union of construction labour in Eyjafjordur to Morgunblaðið yesterday. Half of the 100 that are spoken of here are in the union, others are not educated in the profession and therefor in another union.

Heimir says that most of the big construction companies in Akureyri have resigned all overtime the last two weeks so you can say that these reductions are the second mass lay offs in a very short period of time”. Most of them have a 3 month notice, says Heimir.

He has spoken with many tradesmen this week. “Single workers or men who work two together in projects are not in these numbers of lay offs, men dont lay themselves off eaven though they are basicly out of work. But men wonder alot if they should return their VAT numbers and sign themselves in the unemployement agency.”

Heimir says the situation has changed dramatically in a very short time. “Companies who just recently were fully booked with projects till 2010 can only see two weeks ahead. The projects are just falling away from them.”

(News Article by *Skapti Hallgrímsson*)
Original Article in Icelandic

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